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The team focused on helping you manage risk without the margin calls

Welcome to Top Third Ag Marketing

Our Goal

Our goal is to help the North American farmers become better agricultural marketers. Ag marketing has always been a difficult task; however, we believe our time tested program of cash sales, along with option strategies, can help you consistently approach the reasonable goal of marketing your crop and livestock in the TOP THIRD of prices that are available to you in any year. The toughest question you may ever have to ask yourself is WHO DO I TRUST TO HELP ME MANAGE THE RISK IN MY FARM OPERATION? Spend a few minutes with me or one of our experienced brokers, and let’s see if we can start to EARN that TRUST.

Our Ag Marketing Plan

Our basic marketing plan can help reduce the stress and risk you face everyday. We don’t speculate. We don’t predict prices. WE MANAGE RISK.

Our option strategies are designed so you will always know your risk without being subject to margin calls. Look around our website and get to know us. We think you’ll come to the conclusion that the professionals at Top Third Ag Marketing are the risk managers you can TRUST to help you become a better marketer.

Mark Gold introducing Orion Samuelson’s key note speech at The Ag Lenders Conference

Mark A. Gold
Managing Partner

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